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January 19, 2012 6:49 am

"One of the real dilemmas we have in our country and around the world is that what works in politics is organization and conflict. That is, drawing the sharp distinctions. But in real life, what works is networks and cooperation. And we need victories in real life, so we’ve got to get back to networks and cooperation, not just conflict. But politics has always been about conflict, and in the coverage of politics, information dissemination tends to be organized around conflict as well. It is extremely personal now, and you see in these primaries that the more people agree with each other on the issues, the more desperate they are to make the clear distinctions necessary to win, so the deeper the knife goes in."
Clinton is interviewed in the latest issue of Esquire and continues to be awesome.  Also, the above film, The War Room, is a classic that needs to be viewed by any and all political junkies. Pretty fascinating to watch today and compare what Clinton once represented to what we think of him now.


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