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April 17, 2012 6:23 pm
"The brothers both have magnificent Civil War–period beards. They grew up in Iowa and moved to New York to become a chef and a filmmaker, only to be waylaid by artisan dreams. When they speak of their chocolate, they’ll say things like it “represents more than just a candy bar; it represents a new way of crafting food,” and it embodies “a fiercely independent, almost Emersonian spirit.”…“We don’t have a marketing department,” Rick says. “We have an education department.” For a chocolate bar that has sailed into the hearts of urban sophisticates largely under power of its packaging, backstory, and media-bait olde-tymey-ness, this statement sounds like rank corporatespeak, but the brothers seem to earnestly regard their candy bars as a pedagogical tool."

It’s a funny thing to watch hipsters age.  If you think about it, the hipster phenomenon began around 2007, going on a half decade of varying flights of aesthetic fancy and small batchery.  Eventually, the raw-denim-wearing, single-speed-bicycle-riding collegiates had to make a living.  So rather than ditch the trappings of their misspent youth in search of a more corporate reality, they just adapted and society adapted along with them.  Regardless of your feelings on hipsters, chances are you’ve come to enjoy their particular style of living (or the style the internet is selling us)—artisan handmade local organic social sustainable authentic lifestyle blah blah. 

It’s exactly what every generation before us has done.  The hippies pioneered casual Friday and Silicon Valley chic (please see David Brooks’ Bobos in Paradise for further information).  Gen X turned the internet into the biggest cash machine in history; making pajama-clad, vitamin D-deficient engineers the world’s millionaires.  Thus, the generation whose central identity mainly revolves around aesthetic particularity and alternative business models in a shit economy has us all ensconced in a hipster pleasure factory.  

And thus, I officially declare us to be post hipster.  As hipsters have grown up and turned their little niche of tweeness into profit, the lifestyle has gone mainstream and fully saturated every corner.  News anchors are wearing Warby Parkers.  Your parents are drinking craft cocktails.  The first lady is doing urban gardening.  Hipsters: your time has come.

(Source: New York Magazine)

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