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April 19, 2012 11:55 pm
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  • Apple Suckling Tree
  • By: Bob Dylan & The Band
  • The Basement Tapes [disc 1]
  • 69 plays

Do yourself a favor and listen to the Basement Tapes.  Levon’s putting it down on this one.

Though it probably doesn’t come through much in this blog, The Band is one my favorite groups.  Ever.  They were playing a style of bluegrassy, twangy, countrified rock n roll that just wasn’t all that cool at the time.  They couldn’t get people to buy tickets to the Last Waltz until they put all the guest acts on the bill.  But they played it hard, they played it well and they played it with heart.  And that was largely because of Levon Helm. 

Robbie Robertson presented himself as the hairdo frontman, but a group of Canadians could never sell this kind of Americana without an Arkansan at the wheel.  All their best tracks sound like something straight out of Appalachia with Levon at the mic.   

I’m sorry to say I never got to one of his legendary Midnight Rambles.  But damn if he didn’t make his mark.

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