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April 24, 2012 1:27 pm
"The show is ill in the fact that it captures how brutally unbearable privileged white women are but its way too self-aware and indulgent in the fact that they are applying old archetypes and tupperware party social dynamics to the free clinic. The show fails because it puts motifs before an actual thesis and openly seeks to be a show we’ve seen before for a new generation. I love Judd Appetow for it because its such a puppeteer move and he’s gonna get paid, but anyone involved who wants to see it as anything more than a calculated show looking to fill the void left by Sex and the City is a fucking liar. 30 Rock says more about our generation as the Thursday replacement for Seinfeld than Girls says about anything. Watch Veep, that shit is setting every thing on FIRE. Liz Lemon was the new Elaine but now Elaine is the new Liz Lemon all over again. I love this game."

The world’s best pop culture blogging NYC chef is now doing Girls recaps. (via shanio)

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I agree in the sense that Veep is the better show.  I disagree in the sense that a dude doesn’t identify with the characters in Girls, and therefore it must be crap.  I’m not sold on the show.  It’s so on the nose, but also pretty fucking on the nose.  So I’m not terribly surprised that people outside of the specific demographic being portrayed find it hideously self indulgent and out of touch. But let’s also lighten up for a quick sec here, clearly these scenes are a caricature!  The humiliation/denigration has to palpable, to make you physically uncomfortable, in order to really see how fucking idiotic these people are and how much crap these girls permit.  I’m not gonna say that I don’t really trust a man’s review of this show, but I am gonna say that this show wasn’t really made for him.  This is not some generation-defining satire, it’s a profile a niche world. 

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