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December 29, 2011 1:41 pm
"Look back at some of the biggest doping busts of the previous decade. A pattern emerges. Testing doesn’t catch cheaters. Police work does. State and federal investigators nabbed a South Carolina doctor who filled illegal steroid prescriptions for three members of the Carolina Panthers’ 2004 Super Bowl squad. In 1998, customs officials at the French-Belgian border uncovered the biggest drug scandal in Tour de France history. Likewise, well-meaning chemists didn’t dig up the book-length allegations against Bonds. Dogged cops and reporters did."

This is where I run into problems.  Should professional athletes take preformance-enhancing drugs and essentially cheat?  No.  Should we devote public resources, like cops and FBI agents and customs officials, to monitoring their activity and arresting them?  I can’t say that makes sense to me.  They are technically engaging in illegal activity, but it’s not like they’re trafficking heroin.  Don’t we have bigger fish to fry? I don’t know, part of me thinks they should just make the stupid things legal and let the freak show run amok at its own risk.

(Source: The Atlantic)